Jomellyn Anicete

Chief Operating Officer

Certified Public Accountant, Changemaker.

Joma is a CPA focused on the alternative investments industry, primarily in venture capital and private equity.  Her first volunteer experience was serving meals at a food pantry near her high school.  Since then, she has volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank preparing food packages for distribution, and she has helped build homes in San Francisco with Habitat for Humanity.  Currently, she works with the San Francisco Chapter of Help for Children, raising money to prevent and treat child abuse.  Joma brings her CPA expertise from KPMG LLP.

Arnelle Lozada

Chief Executive Officer

Content Producer, Photographer, Blogger.

Arnelle is a professional Content Producer, Photographer and Travel Blogger with a focus on mindful travel.  She is a Communications Advisor for Global Wildlife Conservation, where she aids in the development of organization’s narrative.  She is passionate about using her reach to inspire positive change and she dedicates her work to achieving that goal.  Her blog is, and she is also 1/2 of, the platform that she and her boyfriend have created to tell meaningful stories through travel.

Derek Waterman

Chief Business Development Officer

Marketing Professional, Believer.

Tech-focused ad executive by day, Derek is a seasoned veteran in the San Francisco startup scene.   Using his influence and skillset for good, Derek has been a mentor for at-risk youth, organized  multiple fundraising events for battered women shelters, and regularly provides resources for planetary conservation efforts.  He has a sincere wish to be serviceable to all of earth’s inhabitants, and is a passionate steward for positive social impact and the protection of wildlife and the environment.