GoodTravels Mixer SF

Whoa, our inaugural event couldn’t have gone any better! We held our first soiree at Hotel Zeppelin on July 15, 2017 in San Francisco. New and old friends came from near and far to help support an amazing nonprofit, Global Wildlife Conservation, get inspired by amazing speakers, and mingle with awesome people.

The night began with a private screening of Chasing Coral, a documentary that’s sure to evoke some emotion.  There was nary a dry eye in the house – people were happy, sad and angry throughout the film – as they realized the detrimental effect of climate change on our oceans. By the end of the screening, it was apparent to our attendees that there needs to be a massive change in how we interact with our planet, not later, but now. Good, that’s what were hoping for! But it wasn’t all feels, we had some fun, too!

During a short intermission, people mingled amongst the amazing shots in our pop-up photo gallery from featured photographers, Robin Moore, Slater Moore, Matt Maniego, Arnelle Lozada, and Emil Walker. The photos, visually illustrating the theme of the evening, animal conservation and travel, were part of a silent auction.  People got to take home stunning photos, and the proceeds were donated to Global Wildlife Conservation. Everybody was winning.  But the night wasn’t done yet…

After the intermission, the evening continued and moved onto the speaking portion. We had three incredible speakers join us – Rani Robinson, Director of Convergence at Travel Channel, HGTV, DIY Network, GAC and Founder of Triplicity by Craft, Karen Sugar, Executive Director of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund and Robin Moore, Communications Director at Global Wildlife Conservation and National Geographic Photographer. The audience was captivated as they spoke of everything from the importance of travel for education, to women empowerment, to saving frogs and using the tools at your disposal to make a positive impact right now.  Inspiration level 1000.  Everyone felt motivated and ready to rock in their own way as GoodTravelers.  

After the speaking presentation, we raffled off some seriously cool prizes, generously donated by our sponsoring brands, ranging from high-tech luggage, to travel gift cards, and the grand prize of an African Safari! Needless to say, people were pretty stoked.  But they were even more stoked at having the opportunity to mingle with the speakers and photographers.  The vibe was incredible, the conversations engaging, and the connections made were beyond meaningful.  It was a fantastic evening filled with lots of good people with great energy! We’re so thankful for all of the support, and super optimistic about the future of our planet knowing that we have such awesome changemakers in the world. We’re still riding the wave from that night, and we cannot wait to do it again!


Introducing GoodTravels…

GoodTravels is a mission-driven social enterprise that seeks to use travel as a tool for building interest, facilitating education, and providing engagement opportunities around local and global issues. With the charge of being a vehicle for positive change around the world, GoodTravels aims to unite travel and purpose.

The team, comprised of three founding members: Arnelle, Derek and Joma, was forged through a love of travel and a strong desire to make a positive impact in this world. The initial plan of throwing one event to educate people on mindful travel and raise money for Global Wildlife Conservation quickly morphed into something much bigger.  Traction was gained so rapidly, and the amount of support for the cause was so overwhelming, that the team knew they had a duty to grow their vision and bring mindful travel to a new level. Thus, GoodTravels was born.  

The team knew there were amazing people in the world who love travel and want to give back where and when they travel, but lack the connections or knowhow to do so.  No problem, GT has you covered.  Along with curating local events designed to educate, connect, and inspire, GoodTravels curates very special trips.  Focused on sustainable travel and experiences that help engage and educate people on ways to make a positive impact while out in the world, the GoodTraveler is shown a new side of the places they visit, working with non-profits, meeting locals, and of course having lots of fun along the way. The whole thing is powered by those travelers who want to be a positive impact in the world, and partnerships with amazing tastemaking brands that share the GoodTravels philosophy.

Ultimately, GoodTravels knows that travel is not only a great way to grow personally, it’s also a great way to learn about the world and be a champion for positive impact. If you want to make a difference or would like more information, please reach out – the GoodTravels team would love to hear from you! And remember, wherever you go, good travels with you.