About GoodTravels

GoodTravels is a mission-driven Social Enterprise that seeks to use travel as a tool for building interest, facilitating education, and providing engagement opportunities around local and global issues.  With the charge of being a vehicle for positive change around the world, we aim to unite travel and purpose.

Meet our team

A Peek into our process


Pick a cause or goal

Do we want to support a cause? Do we want to reconnect people with nature? The sky is the limit here. Not only do we believe in making every experience educational and engaging, but we also believe in being able to support whatever cause we feel is relevant, urgent, or simply doing great work.


Curate the experience

We specialize in curating tailored events in partnership with nonprofit organizations, and we also specialize in curating immersive trips with ecotourism, voluntourism, and sustainability in mind. When you come to one of our events you can trust you are supporting an amazing cause, and when you join us on one of our trips, you can trust that you’ll get the hands-on, inspiring, one-of-a-kind experience with like-minded individuals that you’ve been searching for.


Implement and execute new marketing initiatives

Whether it be social media campaigns, influencer campaigns, unique excursions, or any of the new ideas we come up with, we want to redefine the narrative behind “charity”, and we change the way we engage and activate this generation of travelers.


Publish the results

We love sharing our progress and our collaborative impact with everyone. Full transparency is key, and we want to make sure that every individual who becomes a part of GoodTravels can see the direct impact that they themselves have. We’re all in this together, and we’re all about inclusiveness.


Seek to grow and improve

While our main objective never changes, our approach is ever-evolving. We thrive on the feedback of our GoodTravelers so that we can continue to improve our programs and applications. There is no foreseeable end here, there is only the journey, and the only way is forward, together.

How you can become a GoodTraveler

There are a number of ways that you can get involved via GoodTravels. Engage with fellow changemakers at one of our events, join us on one of our specially curated trips where we bring you face to face with ecotourism and some amazing nonprofit organizations, become a sponsor for one of our projects, or support one of our campaigns.

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